Chlobo Soothing Spirit Bracelet (Gold)


Chlobo Soothing Spirit Bracelet
Stone: Blue Kyanite, Sunstone, Lavender Amythyst, Blue Apatite
Measures: Womens – 18cm
Gold Plated

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Reflecting the high levels of quartz in the soil of Es Vedra, this colourful layering bracelet promotes spiritual serenity with its protective semi-precious stones.

Lavender Amethyst – The stone of wisdom, Amethyst promotes higher levels of consciousness through dreams, intuition and wisdom.
Sunstone – The stone of joy, Sunstone inspires good nature and enjoyment of life through the manifestation of dreams and goals.
Blue Kyanite – The stone of peace, Blue Kyanite enhances one’s intuition while promoting peace and compassion.
Blue Apatite – The stone of self-acceptance, Blue Apatite aids motivation and ambition and promotes self-confidence.

Gold Plated