6 Gift Ideas for a New Baby

The arrival of a new baby is an incredibly exciting and celebratory time, which is why a wonderful gift is ideal for the occasion. Parents of a newborn baby will receive a number of thoughtful gifts, which can make it difficult to give a gift that the parents and little one haven’t already received. Luckily, there is a range of gift ideas for a new baby that is useful and unique; you can give a gift for a baby that the parents will be sure to love.

Here at The Gift Gallery, we provide presents for a variety of occasions, so no matter who you are buying for, you will find something suitable in our store or online. Here are our 6 gift ideas for a new baby.

Artwork for the Baby’s Nursery

A well-thought-out gift for a new baby is some lovely artwork for the baby’s nursery. If you know the design and layout of the nursery, buying some beautiful artwork can be an amazing gift that the parents may not have already received. Even if there is already enough artwork for the nursery, it doesn’t hurt having more available that the parents can swap in after a few months! Personalised artwork is also a sentimental present that can be kept for years to come. Artwork is an affordable gift that any parent will be grateful to receive.

Baby Clothes

Although baby clothes are the most popular gift to give on the arrival of a new baby, they are extremely useful as babies grow very fast. The more baby clothes for the older the baby gets, the better! There are also so many different items of baby’s clothing to choose from, so your gift will be more than welcomed by the new baby’s parents.

We have a whole collection of children’s clothing at The Gift Gallery, with a number of beautiful baby clothes to choose from. Our baby pyjamas by Mayoral are popular as gifts for newborns, and we also have gorgeous baby coats that parents will love. Whether you are buying for a little newborn boy or newborn girl, you can find a range of baby clothes online or in our store in Co. Carlow, Ireland.

Memory Books and Ink Kits

A memory book for parents to record down milestones and put photographs in is a fantastic sentimental gift for a new baby. There are different kinds of memory and milestone books, as well as ink kits for baby hand and footprints available to buy.

A memory book is a fun and unique gift that will bring joy to the parents, and give a new baby something to look back at when they are older. Memory books and ink kits also make affordable gifts, so no matter what your budget a memory book can make the perfect gift for a new baby.


A baby blanket is an ideal gift for a new baby, as blankets get dirty easily and will need to be changed a lot! Blankets for new babies are also incredibly versatile; they can be used for swaddling, lying a little one on a hard surface, clearing up drool after feeding and many other things.

A blanket is a functional and useful gift that parents will be glad to receive. Our Newborn Baby Girl Blanket with Bunnies is a beautiful, soft blanket made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester. The blanket is pram sized so can be used at home or out and about. For a little newborn boy, our Warm “Small and Rebell” Chenille Baby Blanket is made of very soft chenille and slightly padded with wadding. The blanket is embellished with a cute puppy dog. Choose a baby blanket as a wonderful gift for a newborn.


Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are another popular gift to give to the parents of a new baby, but as newborns grow out of their shoes so fast, a gift of some boots or trainers for a baby can be very well received. Baby shoes can be bought on any budget, depending on the brand and type of shoe you buy. Booties will keep a little one warm in the winter while outside, but a pair of trainers for when the little one is old enough to start walking can also be a great gift idea.

Photo Frames

A photo frame can be the perfect gift for a new baby so that the parents can display memories of their little one around their home. There is a range of baby photo frames available at The Gift Gallery, with beautiful illustrations and gift boxes included. We stock cast bronze baby girl and baby boy frames with a wonderful inscription “A baby has a way of adding joy to every day”.

We also stock a silver plated teddy bear photo frame which comes presented in a Newbridge silverware gift box. Whichever design you choose, a baby photo frame will be a delightful gift for a new baby.


The Gift Gallery have a number of amazing gifts for babies, available to order online for delivery around Ireland and the UK, or in our store located on Mill Street, Tullow, Co. Carlow. You will be sure to find the perfect gift for a new baby in our collection, so browse our range on our website today.